Tokyo Gore Police – Review

2 Aug

With a name like Tokyo Gore Police, it’s pretty easy to know what to expect. There’s never been an Oscar winner with a name like this, and they’re probably never will be. But, what we get instead is one of the most fun, silly, gory, offensive, and obnoxious films ever made. I loved every minute of it.


In the future, Tokyo’s police force is privatized and a special forces team is created to hunt down and kill shape shifting criminals called “Engineers.” Ruka (Eihi Shiina) is one of the best engineer hunters around, and is especially driven after seeing her father, another officer, shot in front of her when she was just a child. Now, she must face her most powerful and dangerous adversary yet; and engineer man scientist called the Key Man. Tokyo is thrown into chaos as the police and engineers engage in all out bloody war.

As far as shock value, violence, and ridiculousness, Tokyo Gore Police goes above and beyond the call of duty. Geysers and geysers of blood spray all over the scenery and even onto the camera lens. Heads roll and ligaments fly and grotesque mutations are played flor laughs. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear the whole time.

The writing is silly and the acting is pretty unremarkable, but let’s be real. Are we really going to watch this movie for the superb acting and witty dialogue? Of course not. We’re going to watch it for the gallons of blood, the crazy action, and the laugh till it hurts dark comedy.

Something that did surprise me was the really cool cinematography. Colors and light are used very well to create an unreal atmosphere that looks like it came out of a comic book or a video game. This isn’t your average Tokyo. This is a Tokyo on LSD that has come straight from hell to deliver a bloody demonic trip. Greens and reds pop out of the screen and assault your vision with radical color design. If you saw my review of RoboGeisha, then you might recall how the camera work is as frenetic as the action. This is also the case with Tokyo Gore Police. Really cool stuff.

This is a pretty short review, because I have nothing very serious to say about this movie. It’s goofy, bloody, and obnoxious in its violence, dialogue, and sex. If you want to freak your friends or family out or if you just want to have a crazy time with a movie, I highly recommend Tokyo Gore Police. It’s a really great time.

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