Cube – Review

31 Oct

When a movie is labeled as one that will completely mess with your mind so that you will feel fried by the end, I automatically have interest. I love the feeling of a cool puzzle film taking what I think I know and turning it into something completely different. That’s the main reason why I wanted to see Cube. I was excited to feel trapped in this place that is shown, but all the while make me go crazy. Well, unfortunately this film is a missed opportunity in most areas and definitely does not classify as a “mind-fuck” movie.



Seven people wake up and find themselves trapped in a bizarre prison. Essentially it’s a huge cube filled with thousands of smaller cubes that act as rooms throughout.  The thing is, many of these rooms have lethal traps in them that will brutally kill them if they enter the room. At first, the most dangerous thing that faces these seven people are, in fact, the traps. As they get closer and closer to the edge of the cube, the main danger is their own clashing personalities and their different fears, which eventually escalates to violence among them.

The idea of this movie is really cool and certain themes really stand strong. For one, the allegories to actual prisons are really cool, with all of the characters and their personalities named after real prisons. Also the mystery surrounding the cube is really neat, and being left in the dark about its origins along with the characters trying to escape makes for some really interesting theories involving aliens and government cover ups. At first, I was pretty disappointed that we never quite know what the deal is with this cube, but I’ve learned to really appreciate that mystery.



So that’s everything that’s cool about the movie. The rest… is garbage. The first thing that struck me that I didn’t like was how much of an eye sore the set was. As Cube went on, I got used to the set design, but in the beginning it was just distracting. I know many would argue that it’s really cool, but it just hurts my eyes. Another huge problem was the acting. Now, the movie was made on a budget of $350,000, so it would be near impossible to hire a bunch of known actors to fill the parts. The people they have though are just annoying. The way that the lines are delivered are cringe worthy to say the least.

But you know what? I don’t know if it’s the actors’ faults. I think it might just be the god awful writing. Writer/director Vincenzo Natali obviously has a talent for thinking up cool ideas, but when it comes to writing characters and their dialogue, he needs a lot of help. Every single character is annoying to the point where I could hardly put up with any of them. The dialogue is HORRENDOUS. Another huge problem is that the main gimmick was the traps, but we don’t even get to see a whole lot of the traps and the carnage that they create.



Cube was nothing but a huge let down, especially since I was really excited to see it. I was promised to have my mind melted, since I read about this movie on a list of “mind-fuck” movies. This was just stupid. Ok, that’s a bit harsh. The whole idea of the cube and the mathematics surrounding the whole thing is real cool. The weight that anchors this film in the seas of mediocrity is the asinine dialogue and annoying characters. Cube may be interesting to some, especially fans of The Twilight Zone, but it’s a missed opportunity that would be ok if you missed.


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