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Final Destination Franchise – Series Review Part 2

21 Nov

Just as a recap, my previous review said that the original Final Destination was a very good modern horror film, only to be topped by Final Destination 2. Unfortunately, Final Destination 3 was a bit of a disappointment, but still not horrible. It just didn’t need to be made. Well, if the third film served no purpose, what do you think I’m going to have to say about the the fourth entry released in 2009, The Final Destination?

While at a racetrack, Nick (Bobby Campo) has a premonition of a pile up that will ultimately cause the destruction of most of the stadium leading to the deaths of him, his friends, and many other people. He gets a group of people out alive, but, as we all know, that doesn’t mean Death is satisfied. As the people who survived begin dying, Nick begins to figure out the loopholes in Death’s plan.

I could realistically make this my shortest review. All I have to say is: The Final Destination made Final Destination 3 look like a masterpiece of modern cinema. But, I’ll tell you why. First of all, I owe you all an apology for lying in my last review. I said that the characters in the third film were some of the stupidest people in horror. The characters in this entry take the cake. The whole entire cake. Not only are they stupid, they’re obnoxious. It’s hard to care when they die because I genuinely have no interest. The were terrible.

Let’s just go down the list of all the atrocities of this movie. The 3D was so gimmicky and lame that I really hope to God that David R. Ellis was joking. He was the director for Final Destination 2, so I had so much hope. The plot holes in this move could possibly envelop the Earth. In one scene a character says, “If we save someone, then Death will just come back for them.” Not 15 minutes later the same character says, “If we save someone then maybe we’ll all be safe.” Wow. Need I say more? Finally, the deaths/gore. Not only were the deaths the weakest and least suspenseful of the series, the gore also looked so bad it wasn’t even funny. Of course, it was all digitized and thereby robbing the film of any grittiness. Since when are horror movies supposed to be so polished? Were we not supposed to notice? Oh, the questions I would ask these film makers.

Not only is The Final Destination a bad entry in this series, it’s a bad film in general. Even if you love this series, don’t watch this one. You’ll be bored out of your mind, be pissed off at the braindead characters, and not even get rewarded with cool deaths. It’s a rotten piece of trash posing for a horror movie.

I had no hope for Final Destination 5. Before I put it on, I had to keep telling myself that nothing could be worse than the fourth film. I wouldn’t listen to myself. To my ever growing surprise, Final Destination 5 isn’t just better than The Final Destination, it’s also one of the best entries in the series.


Once again, after an unexpecting person, this time a chef named Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto), has a premonition of a bridge collapsing he is able to get a large group of his friends to safety. This wasn’t Death’s plan and is now systematically coming back and picking off the survivors in order. It is found out, however, that there is a solid way to cheat death, but involves a large sacrifice.

I will admit, this is the same movie that I have watched 4 other times already, but this one was actually the most entertaining one since Final Destination 2. Everything that was a problem in The Final Destination is fixed, and newer ideas are included in a solid attempt to keep the series at least a little fresh even though it doesn’t work all that well. On another plus note, Tony Todd is back and even has the biggest role he’s had in all of the movies of this series.


The deaths look so much better, in fact, the entire movie looks so much better. The special effects are improved in a large way, so when they do have to do some of the gore digitally, it doesn’t nearly look as bad. These good special effects also help with the opening disaster at the bridge, making it one of the best introductions of the whole series. It seems these introductions prey on fears like planes, roller coasters, car crashes and even bridges. Racetracks? Really? Just saying. The Final Destination sucked.

In summation, this movie is a lot better than its previous two predecessors and a pleasant return to form for the series. It may not be not the same level as the second film but it does surpass the first in terms of entertainment, making it one of the best of the entire series. I gotta say, that really surprised me. It was suspenseful, shocking, looked great, and even the acting was pretty good. I definitely recommend Final Destination 5.

So there you have, the entire Final Destination series has been reviewed. To close, I’d like to say that this is a very important series when it comes to modern horror, even if they aren’t all gems of film making. They are innovative and draw a large crowd whenever they are released. If they were to make a sixth entry, I actually wouldn’t be too opposed. Why not? There’s already five with pretty much the same story. These movies also say a lot about where the human race is culturally. We pay money to see strangers die in strange and brutal ways. I’m guilty of it, but it really makes you think…